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Combine Past and Present, Tradition and Innovation


Studio Crachi was born in 1995 and focuses on design, management and advisory work in the following areas: museums design and construction, houses restoration and renovation, interiors and design, environmental design, open spaces design and industrial design. Significant works has been realized in Italy (Art Gallery of the Capitol, Theater Torlonia, extending the Napoleonic Museum, Museum of Manz├╣ Foundation and its garden theme...) and abroad (Museum of Libya in Tripoli, villas in Budapest and Saint-Tropetz...). Conducts research and industrial design on greening of materials and products.


The project activity is focused on aesthetic and functional durability of the finished product going beyond fashionable and stylistic principles. The extensive knowledge of traditional and innovative materials, work to combine past and present in the design activity. Tradition and innovation are the base in the design process that is in constant change. The different experiences abroad, the comparison with new cultures, and the continuing research, have contributed to the expressive activity of the study, always sensitive to face new and unexplored areas of knowledge .